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..::KuRoMoNo's HiDeOUT::..
A tale of dreams...A tale of untold Memories...
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17th-Nov-2012 09:57 am - [sticky post] TIME FOR A CHANGE!
Good morning everyone! Have a nice day~

I would like to make an announcement, starting from today onwards I will be moving hosts for my blog.
It has been a long 5 - 6 years since I first started my blog and recently the has been a lot of cases of spammer in my comment so I decided it is finally time for a change.

I'll be moving my blog to wordpress


As of today, but no worries I'll have a migration period for about two months before, so I will still be posting "duplicate" posts on both blogs for the time being.

I chose wordpress well because everyone's been telling me it is a better choice and not to mention I already had an existing wordpress account XDc

I've been importing all my previous posts as well as updating my sidebar for the pass few nights, I didn't really change much from my previous blog, only dif is the sidebar is on the right now =P

So hope to see you on wordpress~

There is still somethings I need to get used to / learn so please bear with me X3

-pce out-

22nd-Nov-2012 12:48 am - MISSION COMPLETE!

Ok so the mini quest for today has been completed without any more delays~ wuuu~
20th-Nov-2012 11:53 pm - PAIs are hard to draw TAT

We are two days into the week and I am already behind schedule orz...



Mirai why can't you be my favourite flavour, DFC..

-killing myself softly?-

19th-Nov-2012 07:31 am - ONE MORE MONTH

URGH only one month away from CF QAQ My merchandise / art list is only half way done from where I intended it to be... Putting this up as a reminder to self to stop lepaking and chillaxing and start chionging and vomiting out new works Q~Q The goal for this week: 1) Finish Mirai Suenaga - Winter Uniform print Image 2) Mirai x Gumako art Image 3) Work on another SAO merchandise (either chibi or another print, gonna scrap Kirito for time being is too weird ==;; ) Four more weeks to draw.. がんばります!


16th-Oct-2012 01:01 pm - WHAT TIME IS IT?
lol...(for those who get the pun you are awesome!)

So well is near that time of the year again X3 specifically the year end.
The period where the local cosplayers and anime con-goers are all hyped up for big events lined up.

In just a few weeks down south in Singapore, ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA will be celebrating its 5th(? Hahahs sudden brain lag cz I only attended the event in the past 2 years) instalment with a brand new venue @ Singapore EXPO for people like me who have the privilege to be working in Singapore but live on the other side of the island this is actually torture XD 

But I well know that not all Malaysians have the capacity to attend this worlclass event.

Whether the problem is "no passport", "no holiday", "no monies", "parents no allowed", "no place to stay", "no teman" or "ASDHKJLHGSA EXAMS!!"

I feel your pain..=P If I was still back in Malaysia chances of me attending AFA for the past few years would have been highly unlikely as well...

But fret not my lovely Malaysians with lotsa "no"s in about 67 days we will have our own reason to rejoice and go "ne nene bu bu" at our Singaporean counterparts...

Just joking...

Jokes aside we warm welcoming Malaysians with our low currency and open arms welcome our fellow Singaporeans to come over to Malaysia and enjoy the event together as well. いらっしゃい~

Now if you are lookng at your calenders taking out ur scientific calculators and figuring out the date 67 days from today. Let me put you out of your misery the correct answer is...  22nd December 2012!

So what will be happening on this day?

If you want to find out click the link below (don't worry it isn't some malware or deadly virus that will give your computer black screen) SERIOUSLY!

67days from today it will be... 

So that will be all for today~
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